FaCU Application & Guidelines

2010-2011 (Spring '11)

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Facilities & Security Fund Summary

Inter-Council Agreement

Student Councils

Columbia College Student Council (CCSC)

Engineering Student Council (ESC)

General Studies Student Council (GSSC)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Governing Boards

Activities Board at Columbia (ABC)

Club Sports Governing Board (CSGB)

Community Impact (CI)

Inter-Greek Council (IGC)

    - Inter Fraternity Council (IFC)

    - Panhellenic Council (PanHel)

    - Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

Student Governing Board (SGB)

Contact Information

Please direct any questions or comments to the e-mail address below, which reaches all current members of the FaCU Committee.

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Website Information

This website is currently maintained by Narayan Subramanian (nss2130, SEAS 2013), 2010-2011 ESC VP Intergroup, and was last modified or updated on April 27th, 2011.

'10-'11 Allocations


'10-'11 Funding Ratio

CCSC * 3.18
ESC * 1.00
GSSC * 0.49
SGA * 1.38
Total w/ SGA * 6.06
Total w/o SGA * 4.68
* Subject to change  

'10-'11 Letters

ABC Reasoning

CSGB Reasoning

CI Reasoning

IGC Reasoning

SGB Reasoning

'10-'11 Supplement

Appeals Letter

F@CU Allocation History

Special Allocations

WKCR (Spring '07, '08)

'09-'10 Allocations


'09-'10 Funding Ratio

CCSC * 2.94
ESC * 1.00
GSSC * 0.46
SGA * 1.69
Total w/ SGA * 6.09
Total w/o SGA * 4.39
* Subject to change  

'09-'10 Letters

ABC Reasoning

CSGB Reasoning

CI Reasoning

IGC Reasoning

SGB Reasoning

'09-'10 Supplement

State of F@CU

F@CU Allocation History

FaCU Logo


The purpose of the Funding at Columbia University (F@CU or FaCU) is to facilitate, support, and enrich student development in the form of student activities of campus. FaCU strives to support student development on campus, through fair and transparent allocation of the Student Activities Fee, based upon the needs of each student group.

The FaCU Committee is composed of the incoming and outgoing Presidents and Treasurers of each undergraduate Student Council, for a total of 16 members. This committee meets during reading week at the end of the Spring semester each year to determine the governing board allocations for the following year, after reviewing the allocation application packets submitted and presentations made by the various governing boards.

Allocations listed to the right indicate only the additional contribution to the budgets of the five governing boards and any special allocations that will be made by the four undergraduate Councils for the academic year indicated. The actual budgets of each of these governing bodies will consist of these allocations and also include any surplus that may exist from the previous year's allocation and/or revenue, or from any funding source external to the undergraduate Student Councils.

Listed are the allocations made to each of Columbia's five undergraduate governing boards and any special allocations as determined by the members of the FaCU Committee and ratified by each of the four Student Councils in May of each year for the following academic year. Depending on the governing board, either three or four of the Student Councils make contributions toward each allocation according to a ratio determined by relative student enrollment among the schools.

In addition, FaCU also provides a framework for continued financial collaboration between the individual student councils through agreements like the Facilities and Security Fund, and the Inter-Council Agreement. These documents are explained briefly below, and can be found under the "Related Documents" heading in the left column.


Note for media: The FaCU Committee recognizes the importance of maintaining openess and clarity in the FaCU process. This year, the entire FaCU meeting and all subsequent discussions will be open to the public. However, we respectfully request that the FaCU meeting remain "off-the-record" due to the complexity of the issues and great potential for misrepresentation of comments when taken out of the context. If you have questions or comments, please email the FaCU Committee. (Contact information in sidebar)


Facilities and Security Fund

The Facilities and Security Fund represents an effort by the student councils to streamline and simplify the bulk of recurring required facility rental and security staff costs associated with some student-initiated event programming on Columbia's campus. These two funds shift financial responsibility for these costs to the Councils, reducing the burden on individual students and student groups, but in doing so, also reducing the funds allocated to student groups.

Inter-Council Agreement

The Inter-Council Agreement serves to foster collaborative efforts among the four undergraduate student councils at Columbia University. In working together, CCSC, ESC, GSSC, and SGA strive to better serve the Columbia & Barnard community. This document, then, contains guidelines for equitable distribution and definition of contributions from involved Councils in all events, policies and other initiatives.

FaCU Timeline

Spring 2011

Tues, April 12 FaCU Allocation Application Packets available
Fri, April 29
FaCU Allocation Packets Due at 5pm
Tues, May 3
FaCU Presentations - Lerner 569
(Breakfast for Committee Provided by CCSC/ESC)
(Lunch for Committee Provided by GSSC)
Community Impact
Activities Board at Columbia
Club Sports Governing board
Student Governing Board
InterGreek Council

FaCU Committee Members

Spring 2011

Outgoing       Incoming    
Learned Foote CCSC President   Aki Terasaki
CCSC President-elect
Brandon Christophe CCSC VP Funding   Kevin Zhai
CCSC VP Funding-elect
Christopher Elizondo ESC President   Nate Levick
ESC President-elect
Narayan Subramanian ESC VP Intergroup   Frank Yin
ESC VP Intergroup-elect
Jacqueline Thong GSSC President   Jacqueline Thong GSSC President-elect
Daniel Lagana GSSC VP Finance   Josh Lewin-Jacus
GSSC VP Finance-elect
Lara Avsar SGA President   Jessica Blake
SGA President-elect
Priyata Patel SGA VP Finance   Camila Daniels
SGA VP Finance-elect

Spring 2010

Outgoing       Incoming    
Sue Yang CCSC President   Learned Foote CCSC President-elect
Nuriel Moghavem CCSC VP Funding   Brandon Christophe CCSC VP Funding-elect
Whitney Green ESC President   Christopher Elizondo ESC President-elect
Gunnar Aasen ESC VP Intergroup   Narayan Subramanian ESC VP Intergroup-elect
Katherine Edwards GSSC President   Jacqueline Thong GSSC President-elect
Jacqueline Thong GSSC Treasurer   Daniel Lagana GSSC Treasurer-elect
Katie Palillo SGA President   Lara Avsar SGA President-elect
Sharmin Ahmed SGA VP Finance   Priyata Patel SGA VP Finance-elect

Spring 2009

Outgoing       Incoming    
George Krebs
CCSC President   Sue Yang CCSC President-elect
Laura Doan
CCSC VP Funding   Nuriel Moghavem CCSC VP Funding-elect
Peter Valeiras
ESC President   Whitney Green ESC President-elect
Lauren Minches
ESC VP Intergroup   Gunnar Aasen ESC VP Intergroup-elect
Brody Berg GSSC President   Katherine Edwards GSSC President-elect
Eleanor Colley GSSC Treasurer   Jacqueline Thong GSSC Treasurer-elect
Sarah Besnoff SGA President   Katie Palillo SGA President-elect
Amy Chen SGA VP Finance   Sharmin Ahmed SGA VP Finance-elect